Tenuta dei Principi Farmhouse

A wide range of facilities is at your complete disposal, including The Sauna, the Turkish bath and the relax zone with water mattresses, a beautiful outdoor hydromassage swimming pool, fitness center, reading area and horseback riding

The Swimming pool

In the warmest months, the swimming pool is the perfect place for sunbathing, to refresh or to enjoy a pleasant bath in the quiet of our Estate.


The Jacuzzi with heated water, due to the micromassage, stimulates the blood circulation and gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
It gives more elasticity to the skin and contributes to the reduction of water retention and cellulite.


The Sauna has Finnish origin and it’s a moisture-free environment, dry and very hot. It allows the organism the elimination of fat and toxins accumulated during the daily life.
The heat is generated by an electric source of heat with lava stones that, in case of necessity, can be wet to make the environment less dry. Suitable for athletes, to eliminate muscular contractures, small injuries, it is also an excellent remedy against stress.

Turkish bath

The Turkish Bath has Mediterranean origin and it has many functions and body benefits. A bath of hot steam combined with balsamic essences that allows to cleanse your skin, taking out all the toxins of the smog and the daily stress.
The warm vapor enters the lungs making them dilate and allowing better breathing. The Turkish bath alternated with cold showers is a great cardio vascular workout for the body's bloodstream.

The relax zone with the water mattresses

The relaxation area with water mattresses is the ideal place to spend pleasant moments of tranquility or simply relax between sessions of Turkish bath and Sauna.


If you are an athlete or simply a lover of the physical well-being, this is a place made just for you! An outdoor area in the shade and in full tranquility, equipped with exercise bikes, tapis roulant, elliptical; these gym equipments are at your disposition, completely free.

Mountain Bikes

They are at your disposal to enjoy the beautiful walks in the peaceful Maremma plains or for reaching the Natural Oasis of Diaccia Botrona.

Horse Riding

For horse lovers, guided hikes are organized within the marine pine forest. During the Spring and Autumn Period , horse riding have as a destination the beach, while during the warmer months you can also partecipate in nighttime excursions under the moonlight.

Reading area

Our shaded gazebo are equipped with comfortable sofas where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation.
You can immerse yourself in reading your favorite book, stay connected with your friends at home using the free wi-fi, or just chat with your friends.

Play area

This is a special area of the garden for our little guests, where they can have fun with games, slide, swing, pony and a miniature house!